We believe in the power of technology as a vehicle to enhance the human experience.

By exploring the innovative realms of interactive media, creative technology, AR and metaverse, we keep our clients at the forefront of technological advancements.

Interactive Services

  • 00Interactive Installations
  • 01Interactive Web Experiences
  • 02Projection Mapping
  • 03Creative Technology
  • 04Custom Software Development
  • 05Augmented Reality
  • 06Data Visualization + Sculptures

Laser Facade

Day for Night

In the heart of Texas, at the Day for Night Festival, the juxtaposition of past and future came to life in radiant splendor. Tasked with the monumental endeavor of merging art with architecture, PHNTM, alongside the visionary duo Derek Abbot and Jesse Parker, sought to push the boundaries of experiential design. The canvas? The iconic facade of the POST HTX. The medium? Advanced laser mapping technology. As dusk blanketed Houston, a luminous spectacle emerged, capturing the imagination of festival-goers and crystallizing the festival's commitment to innovation and creativity.