YZY Gap Jacket Launch

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YZY Gap Jacket Launch

Projecting a Visionary New Jacket

When streetwear iconoclast Yeezy joined forces with retail giant GAP, the fashion world waited with bated breath. To debut the first item—the Yeezy x GAP Round Jacket—PHNTM was handed the challenge of transcending traditional marketing approaches, all within a breakneck 18-hour timeframe. Read on to discover how we pushed the boundaries of experiential advertising, lighting up the skylines of America's major cities with projections that were as unmissable as the jacket itself.

Guerilla Teams
Hour Turn Around
Iconic Locations
QR Scans


For the launch of the first item from Ye's collaboration with GAP - the Yeezy x GAP Round Jacket, the aim was to develop a unique campaign extending beyond conventional advertising. The task was to create buzz in the physical world using projections on landmark buildings in major U.S. cities. A challenge was the tight timeline: our team had just 18 hours to bring this vision to life.



PHNTM’s concept was to leverage large-scale projections to create anticipation and excitement for the product release. We developed a 3D jacket amidst brand logos and a QR code. The content was designed to be projected onto landmark buildings in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago.



With time being of the essence, we assembled a 46-person team across the four cities to implement the campaign’s rolling projection units. PHNTM managed all media buys and content development, ensuring that the projections were delivered with precision and high visual impact.



Our campaign significantly contributed to the virality of the Yeezy x GAP Round Jacket upon release. The projections drove thousands of engagements and helped the jacket sell out during the pre-sale period. This successful campaign not only illustrated the power of unconventional marketing but also demonstrated PHNTM's capabilities in swift, effective execution and wide-scale project coordination.

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