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Celebrating Pride with Artistry

Amidst the vibrancy and passion of Columbus Pride 2022, PHNTM and Red Bull Curates joined forces to craft an experience like no other: a transcendent fusion of art, history, and inclusivity, all steeped in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. Drawing from the rich tapestries of ancient mythologies, we aimed to create a space where history met modernity, and where every individual, regardless of their identity, felt celebrated and embraced. The vision was clear – to go beyond the traditional bounds of a party and instead, to curate a narrative; one that paid homage to the past while boldly stepping into the future. Dive into our journey of transforming The Forum Columbus into an ethereal realm, where every moment was a testament to the power of unity, artistry, and Pride.

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As part of Red Bull Curate's first-ever pride event, PHNTM was tasked with designing and executing a unique, inclusive celebration for Columbus Pride 2022. Our challenge was to create an unforgettable immersive experience that combined cutting-edge scenic design, in-world performers, local artisans, and top-tier entertainment.



Inspired by the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, we decided to create a rose-gold discotech garden party, plucked straight from Mount Olympus. We focused on designing a menagerie of bespoke scenic, art, and digital materials, enhanced by interactive in-person experiences.



The event was hosted at The Forum Columbus, a 700 person capacity event and live music venue. The technical execution required a complete overhaul of the venue, including custom engineered rigging, redesigning the balcony, and installing sprawling fabric drapes and faux greenery. We also created several highly imaginative, interactive elements such as an edible wall treatment and Ambrosia flavored ice cream.



The collaboration between PHNTM and Red Bull Curates resulted in an awe-inspiring, immersive guest experience that was Ambrosia. Through art assets inspired by ancient Greek and Roman art, mesmerizing lighting equipment, and engaging digital content, guests were transported to a whimsical, peach-colored aesthetic world. The event provided unforgettable experiences and photo opportunities at every corner, including a custom-built drag salon which was a hit among the attendees.

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