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Our Mission

By bridging the physical and virtual worlds We aim to bring impactful narratives to life that challenge perspectives and generate lasting memories - Shaping the future of entertainment.

Featured Projects


Riot Games Arena

Riot Games

In a digital age defined by intense gameplay and fandom, Riot Games envisioned an arena that could encapsulate the essence of its iconic esports leagues. Entrusting this vision to PHNTM, the LCS Arena metamorphosed into the Riot Games Arena - a versatile, high-tech epicenter. Crafted meticulously to transition between the dynamic worlds of League of Legends and Valorant, this modular marvel epitomizes adaptability and foresight. As the boundaries of esports continue to expand, this rejuvenated arena stands as both a testament to Riot Games' commitment to its fanbase and a beacon for future advancements in the realm of competitive gaming.


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