Donda OOO Campaign

Kanye West

Donda OOO Campaign

Donda Pre-Show Live Stream Lights Up 29 Countries

When global music icon Kanye West prepared to unveil his much-anticipated "Donda" album, he sought an experience that would resonate far beyond a single venue. Enter PHNTM, assigned with the extraordinary challenge of live streaming Kanye's exclusive locker-room performance from the Mercedes Dome in Atlanta to digital billboards in 29 countries. This ambitious undertaking required technical prowess and pinpoint execution, all geared towards creating a singular, real-time experience that would unite fans across the globe. The result was nothing short of a global phenomenon.

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For the highly anticipated release of Kanye West's "Donda" album, PHNTM was tasked with creating an innovative and immersive experience to connect with fans worldwide. The challenge was to capture and live stream Kanye from the locker room of the Mercedes Dome in Atlanta and broadcast it simultaneously on 46 digital billboards across 29 countries.



PHNTM developed a concept that leveraged live streaming technology to bring Kanye West's performance to global audiences in real-time. The vision was to create a sense of unity and excitement among fans globally as they witnessed Kanye's exclusive performance together, transcending geographical boundaries.



PHNTM handled every aspect of the project's execution. We meticulously planned and orchestrated the live stream production from the Mercedes Dome, ensuring seamless transmission to the digital billboards around the world. Our team also managed all media purchases for the billboards, strategically selecting 46 locations in 29 countries to maximize the global impact.



The live stream event was a resounding success, garnering widespread attention and acclaim from fans and media alike. Kanye West's "Donda" album release became a global phenomenon, with millions of people experiencing the electrifying performance on the digital billboards. The event achieved an unprecedented level of engagement, generating viral moments on social media and dominating global conversations.

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