Simi Haze Beauty Launch


Simi Haze Beauty Launch

SimiHaze Beauty's Successful Launch and Celebration in South Korea

Amidst the bustling streets of Seoul, PHNTM and SimiHaze Beauty (SHB) united to make a mark in Asia's beauty capital. Tasked with bringing SHB's global allure to South Korea, PHNTM delivered not just stores but a brand experience that resonated with the discerning Korean audience. Dive into this mesmerizing journey of beauty, innovation, and unrivaled celebration, reflecting our commitment to turning visions into tangible, influential realities.



SimiHaze Beauty (SHB) aimed to establish its brand within the highly competitive South Korean beauty market with the launch of two pop-up stores and a permanent beauty kiosk in Seoul's prestigious Shinsegae department stores. Further, they aimed to celebrate their successful launch with a high-profile party, embodying the brand's notorious global reputation.



PHNTM worked closely with the SHB Creative Director to create unique and engaging designs for the stores and the party venue. Our 3D design team conceptualized spaces that were not only aesthetically appealing but also reflected the brand's direction and made a significant statement in Asia's beauty product mecca.



The PHNTM team was in charge of overseeing the production of the two pop-up stores and the permanent beauty kiosk. Simultaneously, we planned and executed the design of the SHB launch party held at Boon The Shop in Gangnam-Gu, drawing a crowd of over 700 guests, including A-list celebrities, influencers, and CEOs.



The brand's launch in South Korea was a resounding success, with the pop-up stores and kiosk driving significant engagement and sales. The launch party, characterized by its exclusive guest list and unique design, further amplified the brand's reputation in the market. The projects underpinned PHNTM's ability to translate a brand's vision into physical spaces and events, creating a memorable and engaging experience for consumers and stakeholders. The successful launch and celebration effectively cemented SimiHaze Beauty's presence in the South Korean market.

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