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Merging the Digital and Physical Worlds in a Groundbreaking NFT-Based Art Gallery

In the vibrant heart of New York City, PHNTM and FVCKRENDER pioneered a new artistic frontier with LVCIDIA, blurring the lines between the digital and physical. Our shared vision transformed traditional gallery conventions, inviting attendees not just to view, but to immerse in a world where art knows no bounds. Dive into this transformative experience, a vivid testament to the endless possibilities of art in our digital era.

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In collaboration with FVCKRENDER, a self-taught digital artist known for his surreal, dream-focused work, PHNTM was challenged to create a first-of-its-kind, curated NFT-based art show in an upscale gallery setting. The goal was to seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, mirroring the ethereal and neon-fueled aesthetics of FVCKRENDER's expansive project, LVCIDIA.



To bring the digital world of LVCIDIA to life, PHNTM chose Studio 252, owing to its large central space and multiple auxiliary rooms. The design concept involved transforming the traditional gallery experience into a future-forward 360-degree immersive event, with different rooms showcasing different aspects of the FVCKRENDER brand.



Using Unreal Engine, our in-house 3D team created multiple gallery layouts, with the centerpiece being a 360-degree video and audio immersive experience. High-level 3D projection and 360-degree spatial audio transported attendees into the animated landscape of LVCIDIA. We also used backlit ultra HD monitors to display a versatile collection of NFTs, bringing them beyond the digital screen and into a high-quality viewable form.



The event transitioned from an immersive art gallery into a live event, featuring performances by Steve Aioki, DJ Tokimonsta, and a guest appearance by FVCKRENDER himself. The sold-out event generated extensive guest excitement, with crowds lining up around the block. The overwhelming response led to an impromptu venue shift to the House of Yes, where the festivities continued and concluded with a live DJ set by FVCKRENDER and Tokimonsta. The event marked a new era in art gallery experiences, merging the digital and physical realms in a visually and audibly stunning spectacle.

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