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Adapting Grandeur for the Road: The Transformation of Martin Garrix's Anima into a Tourable Triumph

The formidable challenge PHNTM faced was transforming Martin Garrix's groundbreaking Anima show into a tourable format for a European tour. Partnering with Unlimited Productions, we had to fit the grandeur and complexity of the original show into two trucks, hitting 19 cities across Europe. Read on to discover how we met this challenge head-on, turning limitations into opportunities and proving that even the most ambitious shows can be successfully adapted for the road.



The monumental success of Martin Garrix's Anima show in Amsterdam set a high bar. The task at hand was to transform this grand spectacle into a tourable format that could be packed into two trucks and taken across Europe for 19 shows. Maintaining the essence and impact of the original performance while adapting to varying venue sizes and logistical constraints presented a considerable challenge.



PHNTM teamed up with Unlimited Productions to rethink Anima for the road. Prioritizing key visual and thematic elements from the original show, the concept aimed to keep the experience as authentic as possible. The goal was to capture the audience's imagination while working within the limitations of space and resources.



Our production experts engaged in meticulous planning to scale down the larger-than-life sets, lighting, video, and lasers from the original Anima show into portable, yet still captivating, components. We employed innovative techniques to optimize the load-in and load-out process for efficiency, ensuring that each element fit into the two trucks designated for the tour. The success of the adaptation depended heavily on close collaboration with Unlimited Productions. Together, we established a streamlined operation that maintained the integrity of the Anima show while making it flexible enough for the different venues on the tour.



Despite the challenges, the Anima EU Truck Tour was met with overwhelming acclaim, preserving the essence and excitement of the original Anima show. Martin Garrix's vision remained intact, thanks in large part to PHNTM's creative and operational expertise. Over the span of 19 shows, audiences across Europe experienced the tourable version of Anima without losing the wonder of the initial spectacle. As the last truck rolled out from the final venue, it was clear that the tour had not only entertained but also proven the capabilities of PHNTM and Unlimited Productions in transforming a grand vision into a portable reality. Through ingenuity, teamwork, and attention to detail, we successfully extended the Anima experience to fans across Europe, reiterating our commitment to delivering remarkable live experiences, no matter the constraints.

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Martin Garrix

Following the dazzling success of "D3bug," the prodigious Martin Garrix was poised for a fresh odyssey. As he envisioned a realm of boundless innovation and emotional depth, PHNTM became the compass guiding this new expedition. Together, we conjured "ANIMA" - not just a live show, but a spiritual voyage through the heart of artificial intelligence seeking its place in our world. Join us as we dive into this symbiotic dance of technology and soul, where each note and pixel unraveled the breathtaking story of an AI's quest for humanity, and Martin Garrix's unwavering passion echoed in every mesmerizing moment.