Stevie Smart Soundbar


Stevie Smart Soundbar

Stevie: Crafting Audio Excellence into Visual Spectacle

When Bose planned to launch their 'Stevie' Smart Ultra Soundbar, they needed a visual story as impactful as their product. Turning to PHNTM for production expertise was the natural choice. This collaboration between Bose's vision and PHNTM's execution led to the creation of a memorable commercial spot. This case study offers a glimpse into the partnership, detailing the process from initial concept to the final production.

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When Bose approached PHNTM, they had a clear ambition: to spotlight their new 'Stevie' Smart Ultra Soundbar in an iconic manner for the Fall 2023 rollout. The task wasn't just about production; it was about reimagining and energizing the legacy Bose aesthetic. Moreover, it was imperative to represent the soundbar's versatile prowess across a spectrum of entertainment genres, ensuring that PHNTM's avant-garde studio and LED screen became integral elements, further amplifying the set's ambiance.



Bose's vision centered on a trinity of genres: horror, romance, and action. Talents were strategically positioned across three meticulously crafted islands, each echoing its respective genre. The challenge was more than just visual; it was emotional, aiming to transport viewers into each narrative. With PHNTM's expansive LED volume at play, shifting color gradients were introduced, giving each segment a signature mood and atmosphere. The narrative crescendo was in the portrayal of a looming darkness, which, with the soundbar's activation, metamorphosed into a vibrant visual spectacle.



While the creative concept was Bose's brainchild, PHNTM's responsibility was its metamorphosis into compelling content. From brainstorming sessions to understand Bose's vision in-depth, to mapping out the production's every minute detail, PHNTM was at the helm. Collaborative workshops ensured Bose's idea was translated with fidelity. The entire process, from pre-production strategies, on-site shooting in our Arts District studio, to post-production enhancements, was meticulously overseen by PHNTM, ensuring the LED technology was optimally harnessed.



The outcome was nothing short of cinematic brilliance. PHNTM delivered a masterfully crafted 60-second hero spot, replete with a nuanced narrative and technical prowess. Accompanying this were a series of retouched stills, echoing the commercial's essence, primed for Bose's digital canvas. The result wasn't just content; it was an experience. As the calendar marked the week of October 2nd, 2023, Bose's platforms lit up with this collaborative masterpiece, garnering attention and acclaim.

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