Coca-Cola Y3000 Sphere

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Coca-Cola Y3000 Sphere

Bringing Coca-Cola Y3000 to the Largest LED Screen in the World

In partnership with Virtue, PHNTM produced a holistic campaign for Coca-Cola Y3000, the AI-crafted flavor of the future. This included a 90-second motion graphic for Las Vegas’ Sphere (featuring the largest-ever animated fluid simulation), promotional content with the Jonas Brothers, and a VIP event showcasing the new beverage.

Seconds of Dynamic Motion
Sq Ft LED Panels
Views in 3 Days
Particles of Animated Liquid


Nevada's Exosphere is currently the world’s largest digital canvas, boasting 580,000 square feet of programmable LED tiles. PHNTM partnered with Virtue to oversee a multi-tiered campaign based around a digital advertisement designed exclusively for the massive structure. This sprawling canvas brought numerous challenges, including nighttime visibility and content composition. PHNTM developed new workflows for effective presentation.



In line with the product’s brand identity, PHNTM’s graphics featured a pastel-colored futuristic city, and a large-scale fluid simulation of an animated Coke pour. The familiar visual of fizzing and foaming Coke was amplified by tenfold as the Exosphere’s domed surface filled up with billions of animated particles.



Motion graphics production for the Exosphere required a team of leading 3D artists from across the globe. These creative minds worked to develop the largest fluid simulation ever produced to date. Developed with RealFlow and Cinema 4D, the resulting 25 seconds of 5k footage utilized dynamic motion and real physics, taking up over 1TB of storage space through unrendered data alone.



Shared via the Jonas Brothers’ Instagram account, PHNTM’s recap video yielded 34,000 likes and 720,000 views within 72 hours, driving brand awareness and helping debut the product to new consumers. The project showcased PHNTM’s expertise in live event production, content capture with A-list talent, and most importantly set a new graphic standard for The Sphere. 

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