Chase Sapphire Speedway

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Speedway

Racing Through F1 with Chase Sapphire Reserve

In November 2023, PHNTM ventured to Las Vegas, Nevada, with Chase Sapphire Reserve, embracing the electrifying ambiance of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. To help usher in the excitement of F1, PHNTM set out to craft an immersive, unforgettable experience for Chase’s cardholders, expertly showcasing the thrill of Formula 1 via Chase’s Sapphire Speedway: a raceway-centric space providing guests with driving, dining, and exhibit experiences.

World Class Chef


PHNTM was tapped to create a series of activations for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders ahead of the first-ever Las Vegas Grand Prix, positioning Chase as a tastemaker in the Formula 1 activation space and showcasing the Chase Sapphire Reserve brand. PHNTM set out to make an impact leading up to one of the  world’s busiest events.



The Sapphire Speedway saw a set of garages at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway transformed  into a Chase-themed sport lounge. PHNTM designed exhibitions, events, and lounges distinctly bearing Chase's brand. Guests enjoyed thrilling driving experiences along a functional racetrack, a celebrity-chef dinner, supercar displays, and a museum-style F1 gear showcase.



PHNTM engaged partners from both Los Angeles and Las Vegas, overseeing the implementation of fabricated elements, curated furniture, and general project management. Key fabricator Hotstrike played a pivotal role in translating PHNTM's vision into reality. PHNTM's internal design team created hundreds of vinyl assets that enhanced the Chase brand. PHNTM managed talent, scheduling, design, and production, ensuring a seamless project execution.



With a world-class dinner hosted in a garage, the event showcased PHNTM's ability to transform unexpected spaces into captivating venues. The project highlights the potential for brands to expand their reach through immersive experiences. The high engagement levels at the Sapphire Speedway affirm the allure of experiential marketing for Chase and its partners.

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