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A Decade of Digital Symphony

Celebrating a decade of unparalleled musical evolution, IDEM marks a monumental chapter in the legacy of Martin Garrix. After captivating the world with the ethereal realms of ANIMA and SENTIO, Garrix, in collaboration with PHNTM, unveiled "IDEM," a performance that transcends time and space. Held at the iconic RAI Amsterdam, this show was not just a concert but a journey through the essence of digital artistry. "IDEM," translating to "the same" in Latin, embodies the collective spirit of a decade's journey, blending music, technology, and art to create an unforgettable experience.

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The ambition behind IDEM was to encapsulate the evolution of Garrix's musical journey over the past decade, presenting a unique challenge to delve deeper into the digital realm while honoring the artist's past, present, and future. The task was to create an immersive experience that not only showcased Garrix's hits but also told a story of growth, innovation, and unity.



IDEM was conceived as a multi-sensory odyssey, a celebration of Garrix's career, and a tribute to the fans who have journeyed alongside him. By integrating elements from his previous shows, "D3.bug," "ANIMA," and "SENTIO," IDEM served as the culmination of Garrix's artistic evolution. The show was designed to immerse the audience in a digital dreamscape, where music and visual artistry intertwine to create a narrative of shared experiences and collective memories.



Through the innovative partnership between Martin Garrix and PHNTM, IDEM was brought to life with cutting-edge technology and creative design. The team meticulously curated visual and auditory elements to craft an immersive environment that captivated the audience. From the dynamic lighting and intricate stage design to the powerful soundscapes, each aspect of the show was tailored to transport attendees through the highlights of Garrix's career and into the heart of the digital realm.



IDEM emerged as a landmark event in the digital entertainment landscape, a testament to the power of music and technology combined. The show not only celebrated the journey of Martin Garrix but also the evolution of live performances into immersive digital experiences. It left attendees with a profound sense of connection and wonder, redefining what is possible in the realm of live entertainment. IDEM was more than a concert; it was a shared experience that resonated with fans worldwide, solidifying the legacy of Garrix and PHNTM as pioneers in the fusion of music, art, and technology.

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Martin Garrix

Following the dazzling success of "D3bug," the prodigious Martin Garrix was poised for a fresh odyssey. As he envisioned a realm of boundless innovation and emotional depth, PHNTM became the compass guiding this new expedition. Together, we conjured "ANIMA" - not just a live show, but a spiritual voyage through the heart of artificial intelligence seeking its place in our world. Join us as we dive into this symbiotic dance of technology and soul, where each note and pixel unraveled the breathtaking story of an AI's quest for humanity, and Martin Garrix's unwavering passion echoed in every mesmerizing moment.