Maraya: Al Ula Moments

Live Nation Middle East

Maraya: Al Ula Moments

Stellar Concert Series at AlUla’s Maraya Concert Hall

In the heart of Al Ula, amid ancient desert landscapes, stands the Maraya Concert Hall – a modern architectural marvel reflecting both the splendor of nature and human ingenuity. When Live Nation Middle East envisioned a concert series here, the scale of ambition was clear: deliver an unparalleled, culturally sensitive concert experience that would not only match the magnificence of Maraya but elevate it. Through the course of the series, every note sung, every light projected, and every visual crafted was a harmonious blend of the artists' essence and AlUla's spirit.



The AlUla Moments concert series at Maraya, the world's largest mirrored building, boasted an impressive lineup of international and local artists. The production required unique, artist-specific staging that blended culturally relevant imagery into every performance, while maintaining the integrity of the venue and upholding the highest production standards.



Understanding the importance of preserving the unique ambiance of Maraya, PHNTM collaborated closely with the artists and AlUla Moments to conceptualize production designs that would enhance each concert while remaining sensitive to the venue's cultural significance.



We meticulously planned and executed the production for each concert, adjusting lighting, stage design, and audiovisual elements to align with the artistic style of each performer. We also created custom 90-minute content packages, seamlessly incorporating culturally relevant imagery to enhance the audience experience and underscore the connection between the artists and the venue.



The AlUla Moments concert series was a resounding success, featuring memorable performances from artists like Westlife, Angham, Guy Manoukian, and John Legend. The series culminated with a return performance by Andrea Bocelli, his fifth at the iconic Maraya Concert Hall, where fans worldwide could stream the concert live on AlUla Moment’s YouTube channel. The production earned high praise from artists, audience members, and AlUla Moments alike. Each concert was a unique spectacle, enhancing the overall experience while paying homage to the cultural and architectural significance of the venue. The success of this series reaffirmed PHNTM's ability to deliver world-class, culturally sensitive productions for high-profile clients in unique and challenging venues.

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