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Intel Microsoft Ignite

Intel’s Interactive Art Gallery Unleashes AI’s True Potential

In partnership with Sounds Fun, PHNTM curated and produced an interactive AI Art Gallery at Microsoft’s annual Seattle-based conference: Microsoft Ignite.

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For Microsoft Ignite, Intel hoped to highlight the best of modern AI’s capabilities via a collection of interactive art installations. Our partners at Sounds Fun presented a creative vision and strategy, looking to PHNTM’s creative technology and production teams to help realize that vision.



With its creative partners, PHNTM put together a slate of artists: Alex Reben, Si Parmagianni and Mattaniah Aytenfsu. Artist concepts explored various iterations of AI, from large-language model based chatbots to realtime touch response and image generation. PHNTM activated internal engineers to evaluate each artist’s concept, and help actualize them. The gallery was made to resemble an industrial workspace with stylized exposed wires and a central operation desk.



PHNTM’s engineering team developed custom AI models for each installation. Alex Reben's piece generated real-time haikus from visitors' spoken prompts using a microphone and custom ChatGPT model. Guests watched haikus write themselves on a Vestaboard display. Si Parmeggiani's Pixel-o-Matic used touchscreen interaction to generate images of consumer products of the future. Mattaniah Aytenfsu's installation responded to visitor presence. An Intel Realsense depth camera updated abstract visuals based on the location and number of guests in the room.



The pop-up gallery was a standout event, different from all other exhibitions at the convention, attracting over 500 guests. The installs likewise featured the first-ever public use of Dall-E 3, which debuted just days before the event. Overall, the activations generated ample excitement for the Intel and Microsoft team, paving the way for future engagements and alternative iterations of the project in the near future.

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