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Blending Reality and Virtual Worlds in a 360-Degree Performance at Coachella

Amidst the euphoria of Coachella 2023, Coca-Cola fused reality with the virtual, taking festival goers on an enchanting voyage into the realm of "Real Magic." Transcending the traditional, this collaboration introduced audiences to the celestial aura of Yameii Online, enthralling them in a symphony of immersive visuals and tactile experiences. As the Coke Studio transformed into a pulsating canvas of light and sound, attendees ventured into an innovative dimension, seamlessly blending the tangibility of the present with the allure of the digital.

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Coca-Cola partnered with PHNTM to create an immersive, 360-degree performance featuring the virtual pop star, Yameii Online, at Coachella. The goal was to blend physical and digital worlds, offering festivalgoers an innovative, interactive experience beyond the main stages, where they could step into the "Real Magic" world of Coca-Cola and Yameii Online.



We designed a 2,000 sq. ft. Coke Studio, adorned with 13 ft. tall LED walls to offer a 360° immersive experience. The reflective floors and mirrored ceiling completed the space, transforming it into a virtual world of light, animation, and sound. The core of the design was to incorporate AR technology, allowing guests to interact with the virtual performance on their devices while enveloped in the physical immersive array.



PHNTM was handed the Yameii character and hero visuals. From there, we directed the entire music video, envisioning a vibrant cloud world filled with Coca-Cola-inspired architecture and playful characters. We used WebAR to offer guests a magical window on their phones, enabling them to trigger AR animations during the performance. Our unique Node.js and architecture ensured the smooth synchronization of screen content and mobile content for all participants. To initiate the experience, guests scanned their phones at a dedicated NFC-enabled podium, triggering the AR-powered journey. Inside the studio, guests were familiarized with the AR markers, preparing them for the interactive performance. A standout feature was the Coke ASMR moment, designed to give the illusion of floating in space.



Over both Coachella weekends, more than 9,200 participants experienced the Coca-Cola activation, resulting in more than 300 hours of consumer engagement in this immersive brand experience. Participants also shared their experiences, with screen captures being used 3.8 times per user. The activation concluded with a sampling experience, and some lucky guests received Yameii-inspired merchandise. This project stands as a testament to the possibilities of bridging physical and digital worlds, showcasing Coca-Cola's innovative spirit and setting a new standard for brand engagement at live events.

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