The Style Lab


The Style Lab

Bringing CASETiFY's Vision to Life with an Immersive Style Lab in NYC

In the heart of New York City, PHNTM collaborated with CASETiFY to curate an unprecedented pop-up experience that seamlessly married retro tech with fashion. As CASETiFY's accessories for the Samsung Z Flip4 took center stage, we provided an illustrious platform for GenZ fashion enthusiasts to showcase their creative prowess. With sustainability at its core, the 2400 sq ft space not only embodied the brand's ethos but also stood as a testament to the transformative power of immersive retail experiences.

Phone Cases


CASETiFY, a global lifestyle brand, sought to create an immersive retail pop-up in New York City to showcase its best-selling accessories for the Samsung Z Flip4 and exhibit the works of six talented GenZ fashion students. The 2400 sq ft space had to capture the re-emergence of retro tech in fashion and also host a range of interactive experiences.



PHNTM took a creative, hands-on approach to develop an engaging, interactive space for CASETiFY. We aimed to create an environment that would reflect CASETiFY's brand values, particularly its commitment to sustainability, while also providing a platform for showcasing the creative works of emerging fashion talent.



PHNTM transformed the raw space into an engaging pop-up that showcased CASETiFY's products and the creative works of the fashion students. We ensured the space reflected the retro tech theme while also incorporating elements that showcased the brand's commitment to sustainability, such as the Re/CASETiFY collection bin for recycling old phone cases.



The CASETiFY Style Lab was a hit with consumers and critics alike. The pop-up attracted a diverse range of visitors who were intrigued by the unique blend of retro tech and fashion on display. It showcased the talents of young fashion designers, promoted sustainable practices, and created a vibrant retail space for CASETiFY's accessories. Over the five-day pop-up, special activations such as custom airbrushed tote bags, a Y2K candy bar, photo booth, and DJ further enhanced visitor engagement. The success of this project underscores PHNTM's ability to deliver creative, interactive retail spaces that bring a brand's vision to life while also driving consumer engagement.

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