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Aku World

Bridging the Physical and Virtual through Art

In Miami's vibrant art scene, PHNTM and Micah Johnson unveiled "AKU World," a pioneering venture that seamlessly merged the burgeoning NFT universe with tangible reality. Facing the challenge of embodying a digital character in a physical space, the team masterfully curated an expansive realm, allowing fans to traverse and interact with Aku's narrative. This groundbreaking exposition not only celebrated the artistry of Micah Johnson but also spotlighted the transformative potential of NFTs, forging a harmonious dance between the digital and the palpable.

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In the rapidly expanding realm of NFTs, artist Micah Johnson aimed to give fans a tangible experience of his digital character Aku. The challenge was to create a unique, immersive world where Aku’s fans could interact with the character in the physical world.



PHNTM collaborated with Matte Projects to design an immersive Aku universe. Our creative vision encompassed elements of digital and physical production, content creation, web and interactive development, scenic fabrication, lighting, and environmental projection.



PHNTM transformed Miami’s 30,000 square foot Wynwood Arts 29 into an intricate Aku universe, complete with a colossal Aku helmet, an NFT art gallery, a retail space, and a 4D-scanning workshop for custom avatar creation. Guests experienced Aku's world from various perspectives: a futuristic subway car, a main event hall with immersive projection mapping, a space to create unique avatars and mint them into NFTs, and a gallery space featuring Micah’s multimedia portfolio.



The event not only celebrated Aku's debut but also provided a platform for community engagement and brand development. With a lineup of musicians, speakers, and artists, the event successfully demonstrated the interaction between the web3 and real life, offering a glimpse into the future of NFTs and their possibilities. The inaugural immersive NFT experience, AKU World, bridged the gap between digital and physical, providing a transformative fan experience and setting new standards in the NFT space.

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