Wilson Santa Monica Store Opening

Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson Santa Monica Store Opening

The West Coast Welcomes Wilson with Record-Breaking Grand Opening

Amid the vibrant hues and coastal energy of Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade, a unique challenge emerged: How does a century-old sporting titan make a groundbreaking debut on the West Coast? The answer? By returning to its roots, encapsulating the spirit of play, and transforming the iconic shopping street into a pulsating sports arena. Enter PHNTM. Tasked with the mission of fusing Wilson Sporting Goods' legacy with Santa Monica's eclectic charm, we took a swing at crafting an unprecedented, interactive sports spectacle. From unveiling a pop-up tennis court against the Pacific sunsets to integrating a surprise basketball slam, we not only showcased the essence of Wilson but also set the pulse of the promenade racing.

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Wilson Sporting Goods, a trusted and industry-leading provider of sports equipment and apparel, required an enticing and engaging activation to support the grand opening of their first ever west-coast based retail store. Located on the bustling and often chaotic Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, the storefront activation needed to embody Wilson’s fidelity to sport and play, be compelling enough to attract passerby, and remain achievable within the city’s zoning and safety guidelines.



Keeping the brand’s fidelity to sport and play in mind, PHNTM developed a weekend’s worth of programming centered around a custom built pop-up tennis court placed directly in front of Wilson’s Third Street Promenade retail store. With bold, beachy colors and eye-catching design elements, the court treated  local enthusiasts and passerby to a memorable and family-friendly activation that both drew a crowd and provided a venue for real play.



PHNTM efficiently designed and implemented a fully-functional tennis court within the constraints of the Third Street Promenade. Partnering with LA Fabricators, we assembled the court in under 8 hours and converted the storefront into a tennis-themed retreat. We facilitated tennis lessons, exhibitions, a vibrant cocktail party, and in collaboration with the Venice Basketball League, executed a surprise dunk contest to conclude an exciting evening of sports and entertainment.



The excitement around the pop-up tennis court activation garnered Wilson a feature on KTLA-5. The VIP opening party saw Wilson hosting over 300 attendees, far surpassing their expected 150. Increased foot traffic, social posts and buzz around the pop-up activation, dunk contest and party saw the store’s sales soar. Compared to the brand’s locations in NYC and Chicago, the store broke both the sales record for any Wilson retail store opening weekend and the record for largest number of retail sales within the first 3 days of opening.

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