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Aku Statue

Empowering Dreams with Aku: Bringing a Digital Avatar to Life in NYC and Philadelphia

Amid the bustling streets of New York City and Philadelphia, an iconic digital avatar, Aku, emerged from the ether of the digital world into our tangible reality, breathing life into a powerful narrative of aspiration and representation. When artist Micah Johnson envisioned Aku, he channeled a young boy's curious query into a beacon of empowerment for Black youth. The task? Transcending the confines of the digital space and forging a touchpoint with reality. As Aku took form, the cities witnessed more than just a work of art; they embraced a movement, a collective dream, and an embodiment of hope for future generations.



Inspired by a young boy's question about Black astronauts, artist Micah Johnson created the revolutionary digital avatar, Aku, to empower young Black individuals to pursue their dreams. The challenge was to bring this iconic NFT character from the digital realm into the physical world, enabling Aku to inspire and interact with people on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia.



PHNTM collaborated with FKB to create a life-sized replica of Aku, starting with the design of an internal steel structure to support the entire model. To maximize resolution and precision, the sculpture was divided into logical sizes. 3D printing and CNC milling were used to create intricate parts, such as the hands, rocket, and backpack.



We meticulously assembled Aku's physical form, ensuring the foam components were accurately shaped around the steel internal structure. The hands, rocket, and backpack were carefully 3D-printed, and the entire sculpture was covered with a shell coating. Archetype Painting Studio in Philadelphia completed the finishing and painting process, refining the details of the CNC foam and 3D-printed parts.



Aku, the iconic digital avatar, came to life on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia, inspiring a movement empowering young Black individuals to chase their dreams. The life-sized sculpture of Aku not only represented a powerful symbol but also featured an interactive AR app. Viewers could write their dreams on paper planes and interact with others' dreams, fostering a sense of community and empowerment. Aku's journey from the digital world to the physical realm symbolized hope, determination, and the boundless potential of human dreams.

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