Aku x Who Decides War

WYE Entertainment

Aku x Who Decides War

Bridging Real and Digital Worlds with Aku and Who Decides War

In the bustling heart of Los Angeles, PHNTM was entrusted by WYE Entertainment to meld the high fashion of 'Who Decides War' with the digital allure of Micah Johnson's Aku. Channeling the iconic atmosphere of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, we reimagined Aku as our digital Juliet, enveloped in neon and dynamic virtual textiles. This wasn't just a blend of couture and code, but a glimpse into fashion's digital frontier. Lauded by Vogue Runway, our endeavor showcased fashion as more than attire, but as a canvas for values and boundless creativity in the metaverse era.



PHNTM was invited to help actualize a unique collaboration between digital artist Micah Johnson and the innovative clothing brand, Who Decides War (WDW?). Our mission was to blend the realms of high-fashion and digital art, creating a captivating scene inspired by the iconic altar scene in Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet, with Aku, Johnson’s character, taking the role of Juliet.



We worked meticulously to recreate the altar scene from Romeo + Juliet within Unreal Engine. Our starting point was the initial Aku model, which we later adorned with intricate 3D textiles inspired by WDW? concept art. These accessories served as a sneak peek into the future of Akutars, customizable Aku NFTs.



Drawing inspiration from WDW’s concept art and integrating real-world neon signs into the scene, we translated the brand's physical assets into the digital world. As the physical production progressed, we continually integrated their updates into our digital scene. Among the most intricate assets were detailed floral arrangements and a series of custom fabric simulations that brought life to the scene, making the accessories look as if they were interacting with the environment. PHNTM created an environment rich in detail, movement, and life, courtesy of our thoughtful lighting design, particle effects, smoke, and falling flower petals. We posed the Aku model, introduced subtle character movements, and utilized fabric simulations to create a dynamic viewer experience.



The result was a groundbreaking collaboration that bridged the realms of real-world branding and the metaverse, introducing the world to Akutars and promoting the inspirational message behind Aku. The project was lauded by Vogue Runway for exemplifying that fashion can be both generous and values-driven, indicating the potential for future collaborations in the metaverse.

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