Donda 2 Listening Experience

Kanye West

Donda 2 Listening Experience

A Groundbreaking Live Cinematic Event

In the pantheon of live musical experiences, few artists stir the collective imagination quite like Kanye West, or 'Ye' as he's now known. When it came to introducing "Donda 2" to the world, expectations were astronomical, and time, paradoxically, was in short supply. The challenge? Transform Loan Depot Park into a dream-like realm that encapsulated the essence of Ye’s memories, emotions, and artistic evolution. Yet, amidst the looming deadlines and vast ambitions, PHNTM and its partners embarked on a quest to craft an ethereal vision—a floating replica of Ye's childhood home, a heartbeat that resonated across screens globally, and a sensory feast that left audiences, both in Miami and around the world, in sheer awe.

Burning House
Gallons of Water


Ye announced the release of Donda 2 and collaborated with the Sub Global team to conceptualize a listening experience featuring a replica of his childhood home. The event was to include an array of guest performances, a global livestream, and the debut of the Stem Player. The challenge was to realize this vision and build the entire production plan in under 22 days.



PHNTM, in partnership with FKB, FFP, and Production Plus, worked tirelessly to bring Ye's creative to life. The team conceptualized the image of Ye’s childhood home floating on a giant pond and burning as the show opener. The show concluded with the smoldering house sitting on a smoke-laden pond, creating a powerful visual impact.



PHNTM handled all technical drawings and vendor integration across the project, coordinating scenic lighting, video, and special effects. The team led the engineering required to build the 300,000-gallon pool, the to-scale house, and a massive special effects package. Moreover, PHNTM developed a custom biometric monitoring rig that Ye wore on the day of the show, feeding live heartbeat data to theaters and streaming platforms during the pre-show.



The Donda 2 Listening Experience was a resounding success, heralding one of Miami's most memorable live experiences. The concert served as a testament to PHNTM's capacity to deliver complex, multi-faceted productions at scale. The global live stream reached thousands, cementing the event as a worldwide phenomenon and marking a pioneering moment in live concert broadcasting.

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