Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert

TEG Presents

Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert

A Landmark Event of Unparalleled Proportions

In a remarkable testament to the transformative power of music and advocacy, the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert made history, merging unparalleled artistry with a significant social cause. PHNTM's unwavering commitment and expertise orchestrated a memorable evening that spotlighted the pressing need for prison reform while also reuniting two of the music industry's most significant figures on stage. With mere weeks to manifest the monumental vision, this event underscored the essence of collaboration, passion, and the indomitable spirit of bringing change through entertainment.



The Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert marked a historic moment in recent history, bringing together Ye and Drake for an unforgettable performance. The concert aimed to raise awareness for prison and sentencing reform while also spotlighting Larry Hoover, who's currently serving six life sentences in federal prison. The immense challenge for PHNTM lay in not only actualizing the grand vision for the event but also in pulling off the entire production within a tight timeframe of just 18 days.



Inspired by the power of nature, PHNTM set out to actualize Ye's grand vision for the event — "The Mound." Collaborating with creative director Niklas Bildstein Zaar and his team at Sub Global, PHNTM turned their high-fidelity renders into comprehensive blueprints, engineering plans, and build plans, transforming the massive Memorial Coliseum to accommodate the awe-inspiring stage design.



Over 400,000 lbs of concrete were poured to create a 200-foot-wide mound, and 72 projectors were used to develop an atmospheric environment teeming with smoke and color. The entire event was realized in just 18 days, and at its peak, hosted 69,000 attendees. The production featured 598 production staff and was broadcasted globally to over 6 million viewers in 22 countries.



The Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert demonstrated PHNTM's exceptional ability to mobilize quickly behind a compelling vision. This monumental event, which saw Ye and Drake reunite on stage, was not only a cultural milestone but also a testament to the potential of ambitious event production to deliver unforgettable experiences on a grand scale. As Drake himself reflected, "It felt like a dream... It was something I always wanted to do, being onstage with my idol as he’s running through one of the best catalogs in music, period.”

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