Fast Future - Kode61 Launch

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Fast Future - Kode61 Launch

Revolutionizing Automotive Reveal: The FAST61 Supercar Launch at PHNTM Studios

In an era where innovation drives industries forward, the launch of a supercar isn't just about speed and design; it's about creating a moment that propels an entire community into the future. When Fast Future Auto approached PHNTM Studios to bring their groundbreaking FAST61 supercar to the public eye, the challenge was clear: transcend traditional automotive reveals and create an immersive, collaborative experience that engaged not just car enthusiasts, but thinkers, artists, and visionaries in the field. What unfolded was an unforgettable event that not only unveiled a car but also showcased the limitless possibilities of creative and technical collaboration.

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The stakes were high for the launch of the FAST61 supercar and the new Fast Future Auto Company. It was more than a car launch; it was the introduction of an innovative vision in automotive design led by legendary designer Ken Okuyama. Our challenge was to transform a traditional car launch into an immersive, participatory experience that would reflect the groundbreaking nature of FAST61, all within a tight timeline of less than three weeks.



PHNTM collaborated closely with the teams from Race Service and Fast Future Auto to create a unique concept that transcended the norms of car launches. We wanted to engage our audience in a conversation about the future of automotive design, encouraging them to share their thoughts and incorporating those ideas into the event in real-time. To achieve this, we made use of our towering video wall to display videos of attendees discussing their vision for the future of the automotive industry.



Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Race Service creative team and our production teams, the event came together seamlessly despite the time constraints. From utilizing PHNTM Studios' state-of-the-art facility to executing compelling visual animations, every element was finely tuned. We provided an interactive platform where automotive professionals, enthusiasts, and cultural influencers could not just witness but be part of the FAST61 story. The night was topped off with a stunning electronic performance by Corin Roddick from Purity Ring and visual artist Brett Bolton, adding the perfect artistic touch to the technical brilliance of FAST61.



The FAST61 car launch was more than a showcase; it was a collective vision of the future of automotive design. The event resonated deeply with attendees and was a testament to what can be achieved with creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. The impact of the launch was immediate and profound, setting the stage for Fast Future Auto as a disruptive force in the automotive industry.

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