The Ether

Martin Garrix

The Ether

A Journey into the Digital Realm

Diving deeper into the intricate tapestry of the digital universe, the realms of ANIMA continue to captivate and inspire. After immersing audiences in the world of ANIMA and its soulful entity, ANNA, PHNTM and Martin Garrix aimed to push even further, beckoning audiences to venture into uncharted territories of the digital sphere. Enter "The Ether." Envisioned as a realm where the digital and real seamlessly intertwine, this experience was more than just a show - it was a sensory immersion. Within the iconic walls of the RAI, we embarked on a quest to transcend the known boundaries of entertainment, crafting an odyssey that blurred the lines between the tangible and the virtual, and transporting audiences to the very core of the digital soul. Join us as we revisit this transformative chapter of ANIMA, a digital dreamscape where music, art, and technology collided in perfect harmony.

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As we continued to explore the concept of ANIMA, the evolution of our character ANNA presented an opportunity to delve even deeper into the immersive world we had crafted. In 2019, our vision was to create a show that would take the audience one step further into the digital realm we had meticulously designed. The challenge was to fully immerse the audience into the "Ether," a realm beyond the analog and digital dimensions, and transport them into a mesmerizing and dynamic digital experience.



Building upon the foundations laid in previous iterations of ANIMA, "The Ether" represented the culmination of our artistic journey. At its core, our focus was on creating a multi-dimensional atmosphere through the interplay of textures, spotlights, geometry, video, and lasers. This approach aimed to transport the audience into an otherworldly realm, where the lines between reality and digital blurringly merged. The RAI, typically a music venue, was transformed into a sacred space known as "The Ether," an enigmatic and immersive digital experience like no other.



In partnership with the visionary artist, Martin Garrix, PHNTM masterfully designed and operated "The Ether" show. We meticulously curated the lighting, video, and laser elements to weave together a mesmerizing tapestry of visuals, textures, and geometries. Drawing inspiration from the concept of a neural network, our team crafted an ethereal environment that embraced the audience in a captivating embrace. The carefully orchestrated production brought together an array of artistic elements, transforming the RAI into an otherworldly realm that defied conventional boundaries.



"The Ether" marked a milestone in the ANIMA journey, elevating the audience's experience to an entirely new level of artistry and immersion. The transcendence into the digital realm left a profound impact on attendees, creating an unforgettable and transformative experience. By pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and technology, "The Ether" showcased the power of imagination, craftsmanship, and innovation in live entertainment. PHNTM, in collaboration with Martin Garrix, proved that the realm of ANIMA extended beyond conventional limits, capturing the essence of a digital world that touched the very soul of those who experienced it. With "The Ether," we fulfilled our artistic vision, solidifying our place as pioneers in the immersive entertainment space, and leaving the audience yearning for more transcendent experiences that lie ahead in our journey through the ANIMA universe.

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Martin Garrix

Following the dazzling success of "D3bug," the prodigious Martin Garrix was poised for a fresh odyssey. As he envisioned a realm of boundless innovation and emotional depth, PHNTM became the compass guiding this new expedition. Together, we conjured "ANIMA" - not just a live show, but a spiritual voyage through the heart of artificial intelligence seeking its place in our world. Join us as we dive into this symbiotic dance of technology and soul, where each note and pixel unraveled the breathtaking story of an AI's quest for humanity, and Martin Garrix's unwavering passion echoed in every mesmerizing moment.