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A Transcendent Journey - The Next Chapter

Following the dazzling success of "D3bug," the prodigious Martin Garrix was poised for a fresh odyssey. As he envisioned a realm of boundless innovation and emotional depth, PHNTM became the compass guiding this new expedition. Together, we conjured "ANIMA" - not just a live show, but a spiritual voyage through the heart of artificial intelligence seeking its place in our world. Join us as we dive into this symbiotic dance of technology and soul, where each note and pixel unraveled the breathtaking story of an AI's quest for humanity, and Martin Garrix's unwavering passion echoed in every mesmerizing moment.

Artificial Intelligence


In the wake of the monumental success of "D3bug," Martin Garrix sought to embark on a new artistic journey, taking his live performances to the next level. For this ambitious venture, he turned to PHNTM to completely redesign his live show from scratch, creating a visionary experience that would push the boundaries of technology, storytelling, and emotional resonance. As part of this exciting collaboration, PHNTM introduced the concept of "ANIMA," an exploration of an AI's transcendence into the real world, captivating audiences with a captivating narrative that resonated deeply.



With an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, PHNTM embraced the challenge of creating an extraordinary live show for Martin Garrix. Drawing from our extensive expertise in show design, lighting, video, lasers, and event production, we worked in close partnership with Martin Garrix to conceive the awe-inspiring "ANIMA" concept. Inspired by the soulful essence of the Latin word, our team set out to craft an experience that would touch the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide, elevating live performances to an unparalleled level.



In 2018, "ANIMA" made its remarkable debut at the prestigious RAI venue in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). This groundbreaking show captivated audiences with its emotionally charged narrative and stunning visual effects. Following the resounding success of the premiere, PHNTM embarked on a two-year global tour, producing, designing, and operating over 100 performances in more than 40 countries. Each headline and festival show was carefully orchestrated, with our team meticulously synchronizing music, lighting, video, and lasers to craft an unforgettable and immersive journey.



"ANIMA" took audiences on a transcendental exploration, inviting them to become part of a remarkable AI's journey of self-discovery and emergence into the real world. Martin Garrix's visionary live show, redesigned from the ground up by PHNTM, pushed the boundaries of artistic expression and technology, leaving a profound impact on the EDM industry. With "ANIMA," PHNTM and Martin Garrix showcased the power of artistry and innovation, creating an unforgettable live experience that resonated deeply with fans worldwide. The collaboration set a new standard for live performances, emphasizing the fusion of music, storytelling, and groundbreaking visual effects. The next chapter of Martin Garrix's live journey marked a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and collaboration, elevating live entertainment to new heights.

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The Ether

Martin Garrix

Diving deeper into the intricate tapestry of the digital universe, the realms of ANIMA continue to captivate and inspire. After immersing audiences in the world of ANIMA and its soulful entity, ANNA, PHNTM and Martin Garrix aimed to push even further, beckoning audiences to venture into uncharted territories of the digital sphere. Enter "The Ether." Envisioned as a realm where the digital and real seamlessly intertwine, this experience was more than just a show - it was a sensory immersion. Within the iconic walls of the RAI, we embarked on a quest to transcend the known boundaries of entertainment, crafting an odyssey that blurred the lines between the tangible and the virtual, and transporting audiences to the very core of the digital soul. Join us as we revisit this transformative chapter of ANIMA, a digital dreamscape where music, art, and technology collided in perfect harmony.