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A Journey into Human Emotions - Martin Garrix's Next Evolution

In a bold move to deepen the emotional impact of live music, electronic artist Martin Garrix and PHNTM joined forces for Sentio, a revolutionary concert experience designed to explore the full spectrum of human emotions. Named Sentio, Latin for "To Feel," the project aimed to go beyond mere spectacle, intertwining music and visuals into a singular, evocative narrative.

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After the groundbreaking success of ANIMA, Martin Garrix and PHNTM embarked on a new challenge: creating a live show that delved into the depths of human emotions and explored what it truly means to feel. The goal was to craft a unique and immersive experience that would resonate with audiences on a profound and emotional level while maintaining the electrifying energy that defined Martin Garrix's performances.



PHNTM collaborated closely with Martin Garrix to conceptualize Sentio, a Latin term meaning "To Feel." The show aimed to transport the audience on an emotional journey, reflecting the myriad of human emotions through a mesmerizing fusion of visual storytelling, dynamic stage design, and captivating audio-visual effects. Our design team drew inspiration from art, psychology, and human experiences to create an otherworldly environment that transcended traditional concert settings.



Sentio came to life as a result of unparalleled creative synergy between Martin Garrix and PHNTM's teams. Our production experts meticulously crafted an experience that seamlessly integrated music, visuals, and stage design to evoke a range of emotions. From moments of euphoria to introspective contemplation, each element of the show was thoughtfully choreographed to resonate with the audience's hearts and minds. Throughout the worldwide tour, Sentio took on a life of its own, drawing audiences into a world where human emotions were magnified and celebrated. The show's narrative unfolded like chapters of a compelling novel, with Martin Garrix guiding attendees through the emotional landscape with his music.



Sentio became a transcendental experience for concertgoers worldwide, redefining the boundaries of live entertainment. The show was praised for its innovation and emotional depth, cementing Martin Garrix's position as a visionary artist and PHNTM as an innovative production powerhouse. Sentio resonated deeply with audiences, prompting a profound connection between the artist, the music, and the emotions experienced. The show's exploration of human emotions left an indelible impact on attendees, fostering a sense of unity and shared experience.

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Martin Garrix

Following the dazzling success of "D3bug," the prodigious Martin Garrix was poised for a fresh odyssey. As he envisioned a realm of boundless innovation and emotional depth, PHNTM became the compass guiding this new expedition. Together, we conjured "ANIMA" - not just a live show, but a spiritual voyage through the heart of artificial intelligence seeking its place in our world. Join us as we dive into this symbiotic dance of technology and soul, where each note and pixel unraveled the breathtaking story of an AI's quest for humanity, and Martin Garrix's unwavering passion echoed in every mesmerizing moment.