Oceans ft. Khalid

Martin Garrix

Oceans ft. Khalid

Diving into Creative Depths

Martin Garrix's "Oceans" presented such a challenge — a profound track deserving an equally impactful visual narrative. Under the ambitious constraints of time and location, PHNTM, in collaboration with creative powerhouses Damian Karz and Black Lake, embarked on a mission to do just that. Set against the raw backdrop of an abandoned warehouse, their shared vision emerged as an odyssey of light and emotion. The final production, a testament to collective ingenuity and relentless passion, masterfully dived into the profound depths of "Oceans," resonating with millions worldwide.



Embarking on an artistic journey to visually represent the essence of Martin Garrix's track "Oceans," PHNTM joined forces with Damian Karz and Black Lake to create a music video that would capture the song's depth and emotion through visuals. The project's tight timeline posed a unique challenge, requiring the entire concept, production, and editing to be completed within a span of just 9 days.



PHNTM, Damian Karz, and Black Lake united their creative visions to design an evocative visual narrative that would mirror the song's atmospheric beauty. With a focus on exploring different lighting setups, the team conceptualized four distinct environments that would amplify the emotional journey of the music.



Despite the constraints of time and location, the collaborative team transformed an abandoned warehouse near Toronto into a canvas of creativity. The diverse environments, each meticulously designed to convey a unique ambiance, were brought to life through expert lighting techniques and innovative production methods. PHNTM's role in the production encompassed a range of responsibilities, including facilitating the logistical aspects of the shoot, coordinating the team's efforts, and ensuring that the final output aligned with Martin Garrix's artistic vision.



The collaborative efforts of Martin Garrix, PHNTM, Damian Karz, and Black Lake culminated in the visually captivating "Oceans" music video. Within the confined timeframe of 9 days, the team overcame challenges to produce a visually stunning masterpiece that aligned seamlessly with the song's emotional depth. The video's release proved a massive success, amassing over 301 million views to date. The rapid turnaround time did not compromise the quality of the production; instead, it showcased the collective talents of the collaborators and their ability to transform a simple warehouse into a mesmerizing visual journey.

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