Sunday Service

Kanye West

Sunday Service

A Tribute to Virgil Abloh and a Showcase of 'Donda'

Blending profound emotional resonance with the powerful narratives of music, Kanye West's Sunday Service in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh stood as a heartfelt ode to the late Virgil Abloh while also illuminating the profound themes of his latest album, 'Donda.' PHNTM's orchestration of this event was not just about performances but crafting an environment where memories intertwined with melodies, and homage met artistry. This Sunday Service transcended borders and cultures, affirming both West's and Abloh's indelible marks on contemporary culture. In a setting of reverence and celebration, the service embodied the essence of loss, love, and legacy.



In the wake of the sudden passing of cultural icon and close friend, Virgil Abloh, Kanye West aimed to dedicate an installment of his Sunday Service series to honor Abloh's memory. Concurrently, West also intended to promote his new album, 'Donda,' through the same platform, incorporating elements from the album into the service.



We aimed to create a Sunday Service that strikes a balance between commemorating Virgil Abloh's life and legacy and highlighting elements from Kanye West's new album, 'Donda.' The service was designed to provide a heartfelt, moving experience, with a medley of performances, including a rendition of Adele's "Easy On Me" and a selection of tracks from 'Donda.' The event was intended to resonate with the emotional sentiments of the audience and elevate the impact of West's music.



The service opened with the MUSYCA Children's Choir singing 'Donda' and 'Jesus Lord.' The Sunday Service Choir then performed other 'Donda' cuts, including 'Hurricane' and 'Moon'. Tracks from the Sunday Service Choir's own 2020 'Emmanuel' EP, such as 'O Mira Nox,' 'Gloria,' 'Requiem Aeternam,' and 'Puer,' were also featured, with 'Puer' receiving new lyrics and a reprise to close the service. In memory of Virgil Abloh, the service included a moving performance dedicated to him. This moment was accentuated by a rendition of Adele's 'Easy On Me,' followed by a message that read, "IN LOVING MEMORY OF VIRGIL ABLOH, THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF DONDA."



The Sunday Service successfully paid tribute to Virgil Abloh, allowing attendees and viewers to commemorate his life and work. At the same time, it served as a platform for promoting Kanye West's new album, 'Donda,' showcasing its tracks in a deeply emotive context. By livestreaming the event, we ensured a global reach, extending the service's impact beyond its physical location and reinforcing Kanye West's influence in the music and cultural scene.

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