Donda 2 in IMAX Live

Kanye West

Donda 2 in IMAX Live

A Groundbreaking Live Cinematic Event

In a convergence of technological marvel and artistic vision, PHNTM was entrusted with an unprecedented task: to bring Kanye West's live concert, featuring his latest album Donda 2, to the IMAX big screen. This ambitious endeavor was no ordinary concert stream—it was the first live performance ever to be broadcasted across 60 IMAX theaters nationwide. The project required an intricate blend of creative and technical mastery, all under an immense public spotlight. Facing the challenge head-on, PHNTM embarked on a mission to translate the complexity of a live Kanye West performance into an unforgettable IMAX experience. Dive into the case study to discover how PHNTM broke new ground in the realms of live concerts and IMAX broadcasting.

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Kanye West's live concert in Miami, featuring his latest album, Donda 2, was set to make history as the first performance of its kind to be live-streamed across 60 IMAX theaters nationwide. Given the unprecedented scale of the event, PHNTM was tasked with delivering an exceptional production that could match the visionary artist's ambitious agenda and provide a groundbreaking IMAX experience.



Partnering with IMAX and Kanye West's team, we developed a plan that leveraged our extensive experience in live production and IMAX broadcast production. The key was to translate the live performance into an immersive IMAX experience that would captivate audiences across different theaters nationwide.



PHNTM managed all facets of the show and IMAX broadcast production for Kanye West's concert. We meticulously coordinated every aspect to ensure the highest production value, from the initial setup at the loanDepot Park Stadium to the live IMAX broadcast across 60 theaters. Our team ensured that the quality of the live-streamed performance was maintained to the IMAX standard, giving audiences an immersive experience as though they were in Miami at the concert itself.



The Kanye West Donda 2 album debut concert marked a historic moment for IMAX and live concerts, reaching an audience across fifteen cities. The concert's successful execution reinforced PHNTM's reputation for delivering top-tier live productions and IMAX broadcasts. The groundbreaking production drew high praise from Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Entertainment, who commended the shared opportunity to showcase Kanye West's genius on the IMAX platform. The concert served as a testament to PHNTM's capacity to deliver innovative, large-scale live events, setting new standards in live concert broadcasting.

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Donda 2 Listening Experience

Kanye West

In the pantheon of live musical experiences, few artists stir the collective imagination quite like Kanye West, or 'Ye' as he's now known. When it came to introducing "Donda 2" to the world, expectations were astronomical, and time, paradoxically, was in short supply. The challenge? Transform Loan Depot Park into a dream-like realm that encapsulated the essence of Ye’s memories, emotions, and artistic evolution. Yet, amidst the looming deadlines and vast ambitions, PHNTM and its partners embarked on a quest to craft an ethereal vision—a floating replica of Ye's childhood home, a heartbeat that resonated across screens globally, and a sensory feast that left audiences, both in Miami and around the world, in sheer awe.