The Other Side


The Other Side

Reebok at Shanghai Fashion Week

When tradition meets innovation, the outcome is bound to be electrifying. Reebok, a trailblazer in athletic fashion, took its iconic stance to Shanghai Fashion Week, becoming the first American brand to do so. The task? To not merely make a debut, but to redefine standards and leave an indelible mark. Guided by the imaginative prowess of Michael Yu and armed with the technical genius of PHNTM, "The Other Side" was born — an avant-garde runway spectacle that seamlessly melded artistry and technology.

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LED Panels
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As the first American brand invited to Shanghai Fashion Week, Reebok desired a standout presentation that would not only impress, but also become a benchmark for the brand's global presentation standards.



In collaboration with creative director Michael Yu, PHNTM designed "The Other Side," a show featuring five visually distinct acts. Each act included custom lighting and reflective elements, leading to a hypnotic 15-minute showcase that captivated audiences. Michael Yu also conceptualized a foyer for guests to gather, enhancing the show's overall experience.



PHNTM, in partnership with local production company APAX Group, developed all technical plans for the runway experience. We created an intricate design featuring an LED floor, two-way mirror monolith structures, a reflective ceiling, multiple archways suspending lighting elements, and a custom lighting plot. Over 750 LED panels, 400 lights, and 1,000 square meters of mirrored plexiglass were installed, creating a spectacular runway centerpiece. The event concluded with exclusive performances from American rapper Future and Chinese singer-dancer William Chan.



Reebok's inaugural appearance at Shanghai Fashion Week was nothing short of a triumph, reinvigorating the brand on a global level. The show became a 'best-in-class' example for Reebok's product presentation and received positive acclaim from both audiences and the Director of Global Events at Reebok, Colleen Cosgrove.

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