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Elevating Fashion with Immersive Live Streaming

Faced with the challenge of captivating a diverse audience—ranging from fashion elites to everyday pedestrians—PHNTM deployed an unprecedented strategy: live streaming the Marc Jacobs runway show onto the facade of the iconic Bergdorf building. The result was a breathtaking spectacle that blurred the lines between the physical and digital, transforming New York City's streets into a grand stage for all to see.

Live Stream


Fashion designer Marc Jacobs sought to create a distinctive and memorable runway show that would captivate both the fashion elite and the general public during New York Fashion Week. The challenge was to find an innovative way to showcase the collection while breaking the barriers of traditional fashion presentations.



PHNTM collaborated with Bergdorf Goodman to pioneer a cutting-edge runway show experience. Our concept involved live streaming the Marc Jacobs runway show directly onto the facade of the iconic Bergdorf building in New York City. This bold move aimed to blend fashion, art, and technology, transforming the streets into a grand spectacle for all to witness.



Leveraging state-of-the-art projection mapping technology, PHNTM seamlessly streamed the runway show, showcasing the latest Marc Jacobs collection in real-time. The Bergdorf building acted as an enormous canvas, displaying the models as they walked the runway, towering over the city streets, and blurring the lines between the physical and virtual worlds. The mesmerizing visuals, synchronized with dynamic music, created an immersive experience that transcended the traditional fashion show.



The event garnered immense attention, drawing a diverse and engaged audience. Fashion enthusiasts, passersby, and digital viewers alike were drawn to the striking visuals that took fashion to new heights. The live streaming experience elevated the brand's presence during New York Fashion Week and set a new standard for immersive runway presentations. Marc Jacobs | Bergdorf exemplified the power of merging fashion and technology, leaving a lasting impact on the fashion industry and cementing the brand's position as an innovator in the realm of experiential fashion events.

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