Ibiza Residencies

Martin Garrix

Ibiza Residencies

A Seamless Integration of Martin Garrix's Ushuaia Beach Club Residencies

Dive into the sensory odyssey that is Martin Garrix's Ushuaia Beach Club Residencies in Ibiza, Spain—a sonic and visual feast conceptualized and brought to life by PHNTM, in collaboration with High Scream. Spanning from 2018 to 2023, this case study unravels the creative and logistical intricacies of transforming an iconic club atmosphere into an extension of Martin Garrix's global touring spectacle.

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When Martin Garrix decided to bring his electrifying performances to Ibiza's Ushuaia Beach Club, the challenge was to create a residency experience that seamlessly extended his highly acclaimed live touring show. The goal was to maintain the magic and energy of his global performances while immersing the audience in the vibrant and iconic Ibiza atmosphere.



In collaboration with High Scream, PHNTM embarked on the mission to develop an extraordinary experience that resonated with the energy of Martin Garrix's live shows while harmoniously blending with the Ibiza club scene. Our vision was to create a captivating journey that transcended the boundaries of a traditional club performance, elevating it into a spectacular and immersive event.



The collaboration between PHNTM and High Scream proved to be a match made in musical heaven. Our teams worked hand-in-hand to meticulously design and produce the Ushuaia Beach Club residencies, ensuring every element was in sync with Martin Garrix's signature style and energy. The seamless integration of lighting, video, lasers, and stage design created a mesmerizing visual spectacle that complemented the electrifying beats and pulsating rhythms of Martin Garrix's music.



The Ushuaia Beach Club residencies became an unparalleled sensation, attracting electronic dance music enthusiasts from across the globe. By flawlessly integrating Martin Garrix's live touring show into the vibrant and iconic Ibiza atmosphere, the residencies offered an extraordinary experience that left attendees awe-struck. The synergy between PHNTM and High Scream unleashed a torrent of creativity, enveloping the audience in a world of music, lights, and pure magic.

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As Martin Garrix, an artist known for his audacious ambition, sought to convey this intricate journey in tandem with his exhilarating beats, PHNTM stepped up to the challenge. Together, we ventured into the digital heartbeat of civilization, crafting an immersive show that transcended traditional concert boundaries. Diving into the depths of humanity's essence, from its technological marvels to its profound emotions, the "D3bug" show emerged as a testament to both Garrix's artistic prowess and PHNTM's innovative capabilities.