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Qatar Live

An Unforgettable Audio-Visual Spectacle in Doha

Amidst the vibrant energy of Doha, FIFA and Qatar Tourism envisioned an event that would go down in history, blending the fervor of the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup with the rich tapestry of Qatari culture. Enter Qatar Live 2021, a testament to the possibilities that arise when creativity meets ambition. The objective was grand: to create an immersive experience that not only met but surpassed anything previously witnessed in Qatar. What unfolded over those 20 days was more than just an event; it was an audio-visual symphony that resonated with the very heartbeat of Doha, echoing the city's passion for excellence and its dedication to world-class experiences.

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FIFA + Qatar Tourism sought to make Qatar Live 2021, their most significant event of the year in connection to the Arab Cup, a memorable affair. The challenge was to completely reimagine the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, elevate the on-site experience, and create a production quality that had never been achieved before in Qatar.



PHNTM conceptualized a unique event footprint within the 5.5 million-square-meter venue. The redesigned space included a bespoke stage, a custom entry point and lobby for branded photo activations and refreshments, and a vast performance hall. The hall was designed to accommodate a full-sized orchestra pit, an audience of 17,500 people, and a visually stunning centerpiece - "The Flower," a projection-mapped sculpture that became the room's focal point.



Executing the production posed several challenges, primarily due to the venue's porous roof design. PHNTM overcame these obstacles by installing a grounded support system around the sculptural element of the design. The central flower's exterior comprised 92 projection-mapped petals, and the interior housed three concentric lighting rings. The entire structure required 482 rigging points and five days of installation work. To achieve full projection coverage, PHNTM utilized disguise media servers and a team of dedicated technicians.



Qatar Live 2021 was a resounding success, providing a unique concert experience over 20 days for 17,500 audience members. PHNTM’s remarkable execution resulted in a trailblazing production, showcasing our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions at any scale, on any continent. This event not only enhanced the celebration of the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup but also set a new benchmark for live events in Qatar. The success of this event underscored PHNTM's expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

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