Formula E Concert Series

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Formula E Concert Series

Elevating the Sounds of Formula E: Concert Series at Diriyah Seasons

When the worlds of high-speed motorsports and electrifying live music collide, the result is an unparalleled sensory experience that leaves an indelible impression on its audience. This is precisely the challenge PHNTM took on for the Formula E Concert Series at Diriyah Seasons. Fueled by a mission to seamlessly integrate two vastly different yet equally thrilling realms of entertainment, our team devised a groundbreaking concert series that set a new benchmark in experiential entertainment. This preamble serves as your introduction to how PHNTM took a complex, multifaceted concept and translated it into a harmonious and unforgettable event, marrying the adrenaline of Formula E racing with the soul-stirring beats of world-class live performances. Join us in exploring this exhilarating journey, from conceptualization to execution.



Bringing together the thrill of Formula E racing with electrifying live music performances, the Formula E Concert Series at Diriyah Seasons presented an unprecedented challenge: to design and produce a concert series that seamlessly integrated world-class music acts with the exhilaration of motorsports. The event aimed to captivate a diverse audience and elevate the entire Formula E experience.



PHNTM's creative team embraced the challenge by conceptualizing an immersive concert series that would transform the Formula E venue into a dynamic entertainment hub. Drawing inspiration from both the racing world and the music industry, we sought to create a seamless fusion where the adrenaline of the tracks seamlessly transitioned into the pulsating beats of live performances.



The concert series featured an impressive lineup of artists, including Usher, Imagine Dragons, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, and more. PHNTM meticulously designed and produced the show for each artist, ensuring that the stage design, lighting, visuals, and audio created a powerful and unforgettable experience. Each performance was tailored to resonate with the audience's energy, resulting in a synergy between music, racing, and entertainment. Additionally, PHNTM was entrusted with the intricate logistics of the podium ceremony. We orchestrated the unique production element where the Formula E cars drove underneath the stage to reach the podium, adding a captivating visual dimension to the award ceremony. This required precise coordination to ensure flawless execution while maintaining the event's dynamic flow.



The Formula E Concert Series at Diriyah Seasons in 2019 achieved the perfect harmony between motorsports and music, captivating audiences and providing a transformative experience. Attendees were treated to high-octane races and electrifying performances that elevated their senses and emotions. PHNTM's design and production prowess ensured that each concert was a visual and auditory spectacle that complemented the heart-pounding excitement of the racing track. The unique podium ceremony, choreographed by PHNTM, added an element of surprise and innovation, enhancing the overall event.

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