Dakar Rally Closing Ceremony

Live Nation Middle East

Dakar Rally Closing Ceremony

An Unprecedented Spectacle

In partnership with Live Nation Middle East, PHNTM transformed the untouched Qiddiya desert into a dazzling showcase for the Dakar Rally 2020's finale. Faced with an unyielding timeline, the challenge was to transform the untouched desert, with the majestic Tuwaiq Mountain as its backdrop. Seamlessly blending groundbreaking technology with breathtaking performances from international artists, the ceremony not only redefined experiential events but also set a Guinness World Record.



The Dakar Rally 2020 sought to announce Qiddiya on a global scale with a closing ceremony, transforming the undeveloped desert of Qiddiya into a grand stage for the world. With only 31 days given by Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority, Live Nation and PHNTM were challenged to create an unforgettable spectacle.



PHNTM's innovative vision turned the Tuwaiq Mountain into a stage that was an extension of the surrounding environment. The team incorporated lighting, video, scenic and special effects elements, creating a holistic illusion of stage and mountain as one.



PHNTM implemented and incorporated over 400 lighting elements, a full special effects package and turnkey video management solution. Additionally, PHNTM facilitated performances by Wiz Khalifa and DJ Snake, ensuring a harmonious blend of technology and creativity.



The closing ceremony saw over 40,000 fans unite to witness a captivating spectacle unlike any seen before in the region. The event culminated with a narrative-driven projection-mapped story, closing out with over 12,000 fireworks illuminating the sky. This ambitious project not only positioned Qiddiya on a global scale but also set a new Guinness World Record for projection mapping. The successful collaboration stands as a testament to PHNTM's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences.

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