Laser Facade

Day for Night

Laser Facade

Illuminating the POST HTX Facade at Day for Night Festival

In the heart of Texas, at the Day for Night Festival, the juxtaposition of past and future came to life in radiant splendor. Tasked with the monumental endeavor of merging art with architecture, PHNTM, alongside the visionary duo Derek Abbot and Jesse Parker, sought to push the boundaries of experiential design. The canvas? The iconic facade of the POST HTX. The medium? Advanced laser mapping technology. As dusk blanketed Houston, a luminous spectacle emerged, capturing the imagination of festival-goers and crystallizing the festival's commitment to innovation and creativity.

Laser Projectors
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Amid the avant-garde spirit of the Day for Night Festival, PHNTM joined forces with talented creatives Derek Abbot and Jesse Parker to tackle an audacious challenge: transform the iconic facade of the POST HTX into a mesmerizing canvas that would redefine the festival experience. The aim was to seamlessly integrate laser mapping technology with the architectural marvel to craft an immersive visual spectacle that would captivate festival-goers and push the boundaries of artistic innovation.



Collaboration and innovation were at the heart of our approach. PHNTM, Derek Abbot, and Jesse Parker worked in unison to conceptualize a laser mapping display that would envelop the POST HTX in a symphony of light, color, and movement. The design sought to harmoniously merge technology with art, creating an ethereal experience that would resonate with the festival's dynamic atmosphere and delight the senses of attendees.



With meticulous precision and technical prowess, the team executed the laser mapping extravaganza on the facade of the POST HTX. The complex architectural features became a dynamic canvas for the intricate play of laser lights, transforming the building into a living, breathing work of art. The interplay of technology and design mesmerized festival-goers, who were transported into a surreal world of visual enchantment. As darkness fell over the festival grounds, the facade of the POST HTX came to life, dancing in vibrant patterns of light that synchronized with the rhythm of the music and the collective energy of the crowd.



The laser mapping display at the Day for Night Festival marked a groundbreaking moment in the convergence of art and technology. Attendees were entranced by the fusion of architectural grandeur and captivating visuals, as the facade itself seemed to breathe and pulse in harmony with the festival's beats. The collaboration between PHNTM, Derek Abbot, and Jesse Parker showcased the boundless possibilities of artistic innovation when fueled by technical mastery. The laser-mapped spectacle transformed the POST HTX into an immersive canvas that celebrated the essence of the festival, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of attendees.

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