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Boulevard Stage

Setting the Stage for Saudi Excellence

Navigating the complexities of multi-purpose event production, PHNTM rose to the occasion to design and produce the Boulevard Stage at Riyadh Seasons, Saudi Arabia's much-anticipated annual cultural event. With dual responsibilities of hosting the Saudi League Champions Trophy Ceremony and the Riyadh Seasons Opening Ceremony, this case study explores how PHNTM executed a captivating stage design that could seamlessly transition between the excitement of sports and the grandeur of a cultural inauguration.

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The core challenge was to create a dynamic stage capable of effortlessly transitioning between two disparate, yet equally significant events. The stage would need to serve as a prestigious podium for the Saudi League Champions, as well as a dazzling backdrop for the cultural performances and ceremonies that marked the opening of Riyadh Seasons.



PHNTM's team embarked on a creative journey that focused on versatility without compromising grandeur. Drawing inspiration from the majesty of Saudi Arabian culture and the high-energy ethos of sports, the stage featured adaptable elements such as modular LED screens, intricate lighting arrangements, and multi-level platforms that could be reconfigured quickly.



Utilizing cutting-edge technology and engineering, the stage was executed to perfection. The rapid switchover between the two events was achieved through a meticulously planned sequence of mechanical and manual adjustments. Each element of the stage was optimized for quick transformations, from the lighting rigs to the visual displays.



The Boulevard Stage at Riyadh Seasons stood as a testament to PHNTM's commitment to innovation, versatility, and sheer creative will. It successfully hosted the Saudi League Champions Trophy Ceremony, providing an atmosphere of pure adrenaline and pride. Moments later, it transformed into a cultural extravaganza for the Riyadh Seasons Opening Ceremony, capturing the imagination and hearts of all attendees. This dual-purpose marvel demonstrated PHNTM's unique ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver, no matter the complexity or the scale of the challenge.

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