Arcane Immersive Experience

Secret Cinema

Arcane Immersive Experience

Augmenting the Undercity with Digital Magic

When Secret Cinema sought to bring the fantastical world of Arcane to life, they turned to PHNTM to add the digital magic that would complete the illusion. Tasked with creating bespoke digital content for this unique activation, our team faced the exhilarating challenge of amplifying an already immersive experience. Working hand in hand with Secret Cinema, we crafted animated assets and video content that seamlessly integrated with the physical sets, elevating the authenticity and ambiance of the Arcane universe.



In their mission to blur the lines between audience and entertainment, Secret Cinema partnered with PHNTM for a unique activation centered around Arcane, the Netflix adaptation of Riot Games' League of Legends. Our task was to create bespoke digital content that would amplify the immersive experience and transport audience members straight into Arcane's fascinating Undercity.



Leveraging our expertise in digital production and content creation, we worked closely with Secret Cinema to develop a variety of animated assets and proprietary video content. Our aim was to enhance the ambiance of the production and bolster the authenticity of the Arcane universe.



Our digital content was meticulously designed to merge seamlessly with the multilevel physical sets, which included intricate networks of catwalks and secret rooms for guests to explore. Through continuous iterations and exceptional attention to detail, we worked to realize the ambitious vision of Secret Cinema.



The successful collaboration between PHNTM and Secret Cinema resulted in a captivating two-hour activation that was both evolving and enchanting. By leveraging our digital production and content creation capabilities, we aided Secret Cinema in pushing the boundaries of experiential activations. Audience members were fully immersed in the world of Arcane, and upon their return from the Undercity, were eager to dive back in. The project showcased the power of combining immersive physical environments with meticulously crafted digital content.

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