All I Want For Christmas

Mariah Carey

All I Want For Christmas

PHNTM Produces Highly Anticipated Concert Series and Broadcast Special for The Queen of Christmas

When the "Queen of Christmas" Mariah Carey decided to elevate her annual holiday spectacular, she looked no further than PHNTM to bring her vision to life. Building on the success of her acclaimed 2019 Christmas show, PHNTM faced the monumental task of reimagining this beloved event for both in-person audiences and a nationwide CBS broadcast. Working closely with industry luminaries such as Debbie Allen and Joseph Kahn, our multi-disciplinary team updated and modernized everything from video content to lighting design, ensuring a seamless blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair.



Building on our designs from Maraih’s highly-praised 2019 Christmas show and tour, PHNTM was tasked with reimagining Mariah Carey’s annual Christmas spectacular for in-person attendees and CBS broadcast. PHNTM faced the challenge of updating and modernizing a vast library of  video content and lighting design elements to contemporary standards, all while maintaining a cohesive creative vision. Multiple venues and evenings of performances likewise required the development of tourable, physical set pieces for efficient transportation, install and breakdown.



A largely collaborative process, PHNTM worked in tandem with world-renowned creative director, producer and choreographer Debbie Allen and award-winning director Joseph Kahn. Once video needs were established, PHNTM tasked their internal art department with creating new video assets for the 2022 show. Taking cues from a wide variety of Christmas aesthetics, the show harkened back to traditional 1960s televised specials while also boasting world-class video elements that brought gift boxes, winter wonderlands and wrapping paper patterns to life.



Expanding on our existing relationship with Mariah Carey, this show saw PHNTM take on the role of Production Direction and Production Management as well as Technical Direction. Beyond supplying creative direction and coordinating the creative vision, we also took on trucking, staffing, gear procurement and  financial reconciliation. From tour organization and deployment to scenic fabrication and the production of animated video elements, PHNTM coordinated and implemented a cohesive creative vision for the 2022 live shows and primetime CBS broadcast.



Mariah’s Madison Square Garden performances resulted in two sold-out shows and over 3 million dollars of revenue. The event was adapted into a television special that aired on CBS and became the most watched program of its night, drawing in a total of 3.8 million viewers.

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